Sunday, August 9, 2015

End of Summer 2015 Men's Haircuts and Hot Towel Shaves

Men's Haircuts and Hot Towel Shaves
The End of Summer 2015 is now here!
Can you believe it?
...for men only

Instagram: @georgeabruno
Facebook: George Bruno Luxury Hair Experience
Bearded brothers trust me with their beards. Don't let just anybody near that beard.
I am the foremost beardsmith on the East Coast.
I do straight razor shaves and facials too.
I love to cut hair ...and it shows!
My passion is to make you look the best that you can possibly be.
I style the hair of actors, models, and business people.
Everyday I hear "This is the best haircut I have ever had" and "Finally someone has brought Manhattan-style cutting to the Philadelphia area".
Mom has brown eyes. Dad has brown eyes. I have brown eyes.
My Dad cut hair. My Mom cut hair. For me cutting hair is almost genetic!
I played in a barber chair and fooled around with beauty & styling implements as a child. It seems that the shears and comb are natural extensions of my hands.
If anyone was "born to cut hair" it is me!

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