Monday, June 22, 2015

The Lost Art of Shaving and more Wife/Girlfriend Stuff
...for men only

George Bruno, Luxury Barber and Beardsmith
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Bearded brothers trust me with their beards. Don't let just anybody near that beard.
I am the foremost beardsmith on the East Coast.
I do straight razor shaves and facials too.
 I love to cut hair ...and it shows!
My passion is to make you look the best that you can possibly be.
I style the hair of actors, models, and business people.
Everyday I hear "This is the best haircut I have ever had" and "Finally someone has brought Manhattan-style cutting to the Philadelphia area".
Mom has brown eyes. Dad has brown eyes. I have brown eyes.
My Dad cut hair. My Mom cut hair. For me cutting hair is almost genetic!
I played in a barber chair and fooled around with beauty & styling implements as a child. It seems that the shears and comb are natural extensions of my hands.
If anyone was "born to cut hair" it is me!

About my cutting: I have a signature cutting style which is a three-phase cut.
 Remove Bulk 
Create Shape/Style
Razor Finishing

I use several different shears for the various textures, lengths, and effects.
It's not uncommon for people to come in and say "Just do your magic". Although I appreciate that, I always I check with you several times throughout your cut for your feedback and approval.

Although I specialize in Men's Hair and Image Enhancement, I will work very selectively with women's styles after hours by appointment only.

To my "Silver Brothers"
One of my specialties is  people who are "going gray" or as I like to say have decided to transition from colored hair to their naturally beautiful silver, gray, or white. There are ways of cutting a persons hair who is transitioning or has finally gone all silver. This is not your grandma or grandpa's gray anymore. I have ways of texturizing and styling your hair that make it look contemporary and relevant. There are incredible products out there that can enhance that God-given silver. I'll share that with you in my consult.

What is this "CONSULT" that all the top stylists talk about?
Along with competent cutting and styling skills, the consult is something that stylists do to make themselves top stylists. The consult is the time I spend getting to know you, your preferences, your image goals, and your present image habits regarding grooming. When you sit in my chair, you'll hear me ask these questions:
What are you looking to accomplish today?
Are you happy with your present style?
Is there anyone who has a style that you particularly like?
What are your current styling habits?
What do you do when you get out of the shower? Brush? Comb? Condition? Blow dry? Finger Style?
Do you use any product? If so, what and why?
Do you have any "problem areas" or anything that frustrates you about your hair, scalp, current style?
Do you have any heart problems, health, skin, or scalp issues I need to know about?
Is there a significant other, spouse, or partner that has given you hair advice or opinions?

The "Don't you know your stylist is the most networked guy in the world" department
I cut everybody's hair. Who do you need to meet? I have connections. Just talk to me. Drop off the resume, biz cards, whatever.

Who comes to me?
Company presidents, Big Pharma and Biotech dudes, Unemployed guys (free haircuts till you get a job and especially the day before your interview), Judges, Celebrities, Actors, Models, The Guy Next door. Even guys just released from prison that need a new start and fresh look.

I don't care, everybody is a somebody in my chair.

My first review on YELP.COM years ago...:
George provided me with the ultimate styling experience. It is clear that providing this experience is his PASSION. I've always been very picky about haircuts, and never very happy with them. Until now. This is a place to meet and greet, network, talk shop, and most importantly get your hair cut- right. I came in a shaggy mess, and left with a nice retro Boardwalk Empire style cut. He took the time to study the bone structure of my head, so the hair cut would look right. Never had that before. After the cut- hot towels and a straight razor shave, and a nice head and shoulders massage. After getting my hair cut by barbers in New Orleans, Philly, Albany and Buffalo- I've found the best.
The Lost Art of Shaving

For ages men have sought the quicker easier versions of nearly everything. Unfortunately shaving is one of those things. Shaving is an art, and I’m sad to say a lost art. Our Dads, Grand Dads, and their Dads all shaved with what is called a straight razor. Usually made out of carbon steel in a foldable form where it folded into its own handle. The handle protected you when it was closed, but it when open; it gave leverage and ability to reach specific shaving angles. The razor was sharpened on a flat stone called a whetstone, with oil or water and then the edge was perfected on a razor strop. The strop is a flat leather strap usually hung on the side of the barber chair (remember?) and the razor is drawn back and forth on it to “polish” and sharpen the edge. There was a day when the straight razor was the thinnest blade used on a daily basis. The razor was stropped before every use to give it a “razor’s edge” so it would cut only hair and not skin when glided across the surface at the ideal angle.

Every man had a straight razor, a stone, and a strop. So did every barber. The popular phrase “A haircut and a shave” was said in every barbershop across the country.

Safety razors made their way into the consumer market for convenience, disposability, and I’m sure for good ole consumerism.

The straight razor was something you cherished and took care of, because when treated right, it took care of you.

Most barbershops don’t use the straight razor today or give “straight shaves” as it’s called, due to the possibility of blood born pathogens and disease. If a straight blade is used, it is a disposable straight blade in a handle and a new blade is used on every guest in that barber chair. That is what I do.

Go into most "haircut factories” and ask for a straight razor shave. You’ll get a wide variety of responses from “We don’t do them” to “What?”. If you can get one, you’ll experience possibly the best shave you’ve ever had in your life. I do a straight razor shave that will blow your mind. Make an appointment today!
You never hurry a shave. Maybe a haircut, but never a shave, and for obvious reasons. You recline the guest so their face is below your chest level. You apply a hot steamed towel to the face and let it sit for 5-10 minutes. This softens the beard hair. Then you apply a hot lather to the face with a badger hair brush or by hand. This also helps soften the hair that will be shaved, makes it easier to cut, and also lubricates the skin so the razor glides over the surface of the skin and doesn’t cut the skin. The razor is then glided at the precise cutting angle and short deliberate strokes are made. There is a protocol or “face map” that every barber has for themselves. The face is "sectioned" off and each section is shaved. The direction of the blade depends on the angles and contours of the guests face and the growth pattern or “grain” of the beard. If the guest has groomed facial hair such as a mustache or goatee, extra care is taken in detailing those areas to create perfectly groomed appearance. After all, that’s why you go to a barber isn’t it?

When the face is shaved, the barber must apply a concoction that is antiseptic (kills germs on the open skin), astringent (closes pores open by the heat) and heals the skin that has been opened by the heat and the blade. The average consumer aftershave does NOT do that because it’s just alcohol with fragrance. With that kind of product you end up doing the “Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone” impression. I am not into pain so I have discovered what is most effective is a combination of rum, witch hazel, aloe, spices, and bay leaves. It cools, soothes, tightens, and heals the skin.

I can’t think of a better gift for a guy than a straight shave gift certificate.. Now that’s a gift for the man who has everything! A new generation of young men rediscovering a lost art!
Treat yourself to a straight shave. I can also teach you in a private session as well where I can take my time and mentor you in the proper technique. That's $100 and includes a signature scissor cut, mini-facial, and shoulders-up massage. End result: Teach a man to shave ...and he's shaved for a lifetime. You can pass that on to your son or grandson.
NOW you know

Have pity on a brotherIf you can wash your hair BEFORE you come in, you'll get a better cut because your hair and scalp will be clean and the hair will lay more naturally. I get guys coming in with "bed-head" flat spots and then want me to perform a miracle. I'm good, but not that good. You would need Moses to part that hair. Wash and condition it or I will do it with my premium cut service..
Whats new with me?
I believe that learning is a life-long process and have over one thousand hours of continuing education beyond my Masters degree. I have the same attitude about education in the hair industry. I just finished an advanced course on "texturizing" hair. Texturizing makes your hair look three dimensional with those groovy grooves and valleys, kind of like your wife or girlfriend just ran her fingers through it. A preferable look for men.
No helmet heads or comb-overs allowed anymore.

Last but not least: The Wife/Girlfriend Department
You've asked. Now you'll receive... "How to give her a pedicure"
The reality is that she won't believe you want to actually do it ...or can do it.
Don't worry brothers. I got your back on this one.
Get a wash basin and fill it up with warm water with a little cleansing soap or shampoo in it. Add it after you fill the basin up so you don't have all bubbles. Also put in a few drops of essential oil in it. Lavender, Rosemary, or Peppermint are great. You know her preferences.
Have her sit in her favorite chair or sofa in the living room. Maybe have a movie on that SHE picked out. She is on the chair, you are sitting on the floor with a towel on your lap. You roll up her pants or maybe she is in her robe. You have her put both feet in the basin. The warmth will feel good. You wash her feet with your hands and massage them under the water. You may want to scrub her nail beds with a small brush going across her nails and also towards the ankle. You are pushing the cuticle, that is now softened, back towards the joints. Remember now this is the woman that God gave you. She is your gift. Even the way you scrub reflects that. In the back of your mind you know this may be slightly humbling but you are honored to do this. Her cuticles are not the only thing being softened at this point. Hearts get softened when feet get washed. This part is the "work", but the "funner" part happens later. You are doing for her what she cannot do for herself. Now you take a foot out of the water, and you take a handful of coarse kosher salt and lightly scrub the top and bottom of her foot, focusing on the heels and dryer parts. This exfoliates and removes dead skin. There are also commercially prepared salts with oils and fragrances that you can buy as well, but I have found that common household ingredients are wonderful too. After you do both feet, now cut her nails. Basic rules: Nails are cut straight across with the clippers and then file with a nail shaping file found in any store. Push back the cuticle with a cuticle tool or even a popsicle stick. Keep saying the word "gentle" in your head and that will guide your actions. Now after you have cut and filed over the tub, dip her feet in the water to "clean" off any clippings or residue. Now one at a time take a foot and put menthol shaving cream all over the foot. This is amazing and has a cooling effect on her feet. Let it stay on her foot a few minutes then dip again.
Now dry her feet off and wrap each one in a towel while you go and empty the basin.
When you return, you can get up on the sofa with her. She is now sitting sideways and has her legs on your lap. You have a towel on your lap. Now you will put moisturizer or oils on her feet. Wipe off any excess. Maybe at this point you can put athletic socks on her to keep her feet soft while you finish watching the movie.
There's a good chance you may not be able to finish the movie, wink, wink.
I am not responsible for anything that happens after that, lol.


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